twitter Thursday

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about twitterfic (stories in <140 characters that are published on twitter). I’ve decided to release a piece I’ve written on Thursdays.

Those who follow me on twitter will get the piece too; this is the only case where I will replicate a twitter post on my blog.

At seven years old ink, stamps & three weeks connected me to my overseas cousin. Now, IM, video & seconds separate us. We were closer then.

This could be considered, justifiably, an observation rather than a story, but I think it works.

I like writing twitterfic for the same reason I like writing poetry: it places a heightened focus on every word. You must know your point, and express it with a lyrical succinctness.

It reminds me how much fluff and filler abounds in our everyday sentences. It encourages me to write clearly and eradicate unneeded words. It also pushes me to be more creative.

Limitation is the second cousin of invention.

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