It’s been a lively few weeks, hence the lack of updates.

Recently I received my contributor’s copy of the September edition of Aoife’s Kiss, which contains my flash short story “The Homunculus”. It’s always great to see my work in print.

I’ve finished a treatment for a new feature film I’m working on, and thanks to the input from the fortnightly Galway Screenwriters and Playwrights Group I’ll be re-writing it in the coming week.

I’m somewhat discomforted at the moment, however, because I had a nasty fall on my way into Monday’s meeting courtesy of filthy weather and unmarked roadworks on the pavement.

It was a memorable meeting for me because not only did I have to offer critiques on a short film script, and listen to feedback on my own work, I did so while soaked on one side of my body, and with my left foot — bare and chilly — elevated to help with the healing. My ankle and foot is bruised and swollen, and I’m feeling wrenched in a number of places. I am on the mend, however.

The Arts CouncilOn November 25th in Dublin I’ll be taking part in a conference, organised by the Irish Arts Council, entitled New Media, New Audience? The event is designed to discuss how new social networking technologies can help promote the arts. A blurb:

“The Arts Council is pleased to bring together national and international experts from the arts, social media and broadcasting in this one day working seminar to explore the ways in which artists and the public are adapting and adopting new ways of producing, presenting and promoting the arts.

This seminar is open to artists, organisations and policy makers interested in the potential that new media has on the way in which they work, and in the way it can attract and broaden audiences.

I’ll be participating on a panel entitled New Media in Practice, which will be moderated by Eoin Purcell (Commissioning Editor Mercier Press), and I’ll be in the company of Nicky Gogan (Film maker, Darklight Film Festival), Conn Ó Muíneacháin (New Media Specialist and Blogger), and Sheila de Courcy (Head of Young People’s Programming, RTÉ).

It should be an interesting event, and I’m looking forward to attending several of the other panels.