Bye bye June, July beckons.

I’m chugging away on research and will be plotting and outlining the screenplay quite soon. In fact I’ve been doing this for some time, but in this case I’ll commit my thoughts to pixels. I’ve been pulling at the strings of the story over the past few weeks. Sometimes I braid them, other times I tangle the ends up hopelessly. Ultimately, I’m showing the ideas to my back brain, so it will come up with the good stuff.

Or at least, a combination of conscious me and subconscious me will figure it all out. We are the dynamic duo: the chatty intellectual one, who does all the heavy lifting, and the rather surly creative type, who mutters and scowls, but is a dishevelled genius. The first has to turn up and type every day, while the other one drinks coffee at the back door and stares at clouds. When the first one complains at this slothful behaviour, the other one roars, “Can’t you see I’m working!”

It’s amazing we get anything done.

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