goals and weather

It’s June 22nd, which means it’s the start of Clarion West in Seattle, the annual six-week residential writing workshop, where up-and-coming writers learn the joys of composing short stories to deadline while sleep deprived and caffeinated. Therefore it’s also the start of the Clarion West fund raising Write-a-thon, and I’m participating. So, sponsor me in my aim to write a complete feature film screenplay during the coming six weeks.

I’m in research mode at the moment, and will be plotting and outlining soon. I already have the opening and closing scene in my head, along with the guts of what’s going to happen. Hopefully, it will be fun and entertaining — well, on the page anyway.

The weather in Ireland is proving its reputation for being capricious (and a little bit mean). The evening of June 20th, as we moved towards the apogee of the summer, was fabulous. I strolled in the woods–bursting with flowers and bristling with undergrowth–with Martin while our dog scampered around hunting out smells. Summer’s promise was spread out around us.

The following day I woke to gloomy skies and gusting winds. It was cold, and raining intermittently. In the evening we had two monsoon-like downpours accompanied by thunder that turned my back yard into a temporary lake after five minutes.

Today, it’s overcast and blustery. Now the solstice is over it appears that autumn has arrived early in Ireland!

Ah well, I’m sure more sunny weather will turn up eventually…