Last weekend at P-Con was a lot of fun. A number of the attendees had been at Eastercon the previous weekend so it was lovely to see people again I’d normally only meet intermittently.

The organiser, Frank Darcy, helped by a capable and dedicated team, staged a relaxed and intimate convention. Judging on quickly people signed up for next year’s con I’d say that the only worry that P-Con will have to consider next year is getting bigger rooms.

The GoH Catie Murphy was a lively and engaging guest, who proves that hard-working successful authors can be amenable, approachable, and wear very sexy shoes.

I was flattered that P-Con asked me to be a guest of the convention next year. I’ll have to work harder to sell more in the coming year to live up to the faith the convention is putting in me.

In the meantime it’s back to work and writing. It finally feels like Spring has arrived, even though it’s blowy and cold. Today only the occasional cloud-shadow surges across fields brightened by sunshine. The evenings have a stretch to them courtesy of daylights savings – although it was a curse to deal with during a convention when one is normally forgoing sleep anyway.

Martin and I were discussing today that the Internet has spoiled April Fool’s Day. Now, it’s a case of spotting the joke, rather than being caught off-guard by it. Pity.

For some reason, I cannot shake the song “Sweet About Me” by Gabriella Cilmi from my head, even though the lyrics border on the incomprehensible in places. Still, the combination of a killer voice and a lazy groove allow me to forgive its lapses in coherence.

I picked up the new Gnarls Barkley CD, The Odd Couple, and it strikes me as a typical second album: more of the same, with a handful of stand-out tracks. I get the feeling they needed to stay in the studio a bit longer with this one. Perhaps I will settle into it more with repeated listening.