Library Ireland Week begins tomorrow until March 9th, so check out what’s going on in your local library. Libraries are amazing resources and deserve to be supported.

On Thursday I attended the monthly Over The Edge poetry reading at the Galway City Library. There were readings by Michelle O’Sullivan, and five writers who are taking the M.A. in Writing at NUIG this year. While I liked the work of many of the authors the stand-out for me was Moya Roddy, who is an established writer (a novel, short fiction, and poetry). Moya’s work was literate and beautiful, but equally important for what is a piece of performance, Moya spoke with clarity.

Listening to the work of these writers, and those who spoke during the open mic section afterwards, I was struck by the fact that writers can do a disservice to their work if they don’t pay attention to their diction. Some people put effort into their oration, while others mumbled it without any variation in tone or pace. Even a stand-out piece of literature will be defeated by a deadpan delivery.

I read a poem at the open mic session. I find it a nerve-wracking experience, which is part of the reason to do it. My goal was to deliver the poem well, and I believe I succeeded in that objective at the very least, even though I was shaking. Standing in front of people, and speaking the words you have laboured over is an act of faith (in yourself and your work). For me it’s a challenge, but a good one to overcome.

Finally, I thought I’d mention that the Dublin Book Festival is taking place from March 7-9th in Dublin’s City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2. There are a slew of events going on with a lot of fine Irish writers in attendance. Dublin bibliophiles should discover at least one interview or panel of interest.

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