A nice nod

I was away for the weekend, lunching with friends, attending a wedding, and visiting relatives. It was busy, but enjoyable. The wedding celebration was almost too much fun, to which my head testified the following morning.

FantasyDuring this time Dave Trusedale published his latest column on the Fantasy & Science Fiction web site, in which he discussed the original anthologies that were published in 2007, and offered a Recommended Reading List of short stories.

Although I don’t agree with his overall assessment of the Fantasy anthology in which I was published last year, I am delighted that he chose my short story, “Bone Mother”, for his list.

I’m also pleased to hear that the WGA (East and West) in America have negotiated a contract with the AMPTP, and will be balloting their members about its ratification over the coming weeks. I admire the courage and tenacity of the members, who picketed for many months, and throughout the holiday season, to highlight their basic right for proper compensation for their work.

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