happy surprises

I received a note from Sean Wallace at Fantasy Magazine to say there’s a readers’ poll for all stories published during 2007 in the print magazine, the print sampler, and its latest incarnation as a online magazine.

Not that I’m saying you should vote for my story, “Bone Mother”, but it is among the of nominees. My Clarion West classmate, Caroline M. Yoachim, has a story online with Fantasy Magazine at the moment. It went live just as 2007 came to an end. It’s called “Time to Say Goodnight” and it’s a beautiful story.

While I was in New York I had the cool experience of walking into a Barnes & Noble and discovering a copy of the Fantasy collection on the bookshelves quite by accident – honestly, I was looking for something else. So I bought it and gave it to friends as part of their Christmas present. Hurray for books!

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