Today I’m going to Dublin to participate in the International Day of Support for the WGA strike. I’m visiting a friend afterwards, so I’ll be away for a few days.

I’ve pretty much stuck to my pledge to write a blog entry every day in November. Today might be the last one for the month as I don’t want to lug a laptop with me. It will be pen and paper instead. It’s been an interesting challenge. I used to blog with this level of frequency in the past, but I disliked my self-imposed feeling of obligation and the empty darkness of the online audience. So, I reined in the posts.

During the past month I’ve pushed out my comfort zone a little about what I discuss. I’ve always maintained distance in my online presence because you never know who’s reading. So, I controlled and contained what I wrote. This is a classic defense mechanism I learned early in life, and not one I realised was in operation on my journal until recently.

Masks are shiny and plastic and safe. I want to chip at mine.

You’ll be delighted to know I’m still allergic to self-pity and moaning, and I have no plans to say dumb things about family or friends (complete strangers, however, better watch out!). I doubt I’ll maintain this pace in the future, but I’ll aim for a regular output. As long as I have something meaningful and honest to say, that is.

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