plays poker with bulls

Today I stumbled upon The Bugle, a regular satiric podcast performed by comedians Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver, and hosted by The Times Online. I’m familiar with John Oliver from his appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, so I figured it would be worth a listen.

I fired up the 6th episode, “Let’s talk oil and fiery rhetoric”, and enjoyed a good laugh. The podcast is organised like a newspaper, with a number of different sections. So, there was commentary on the recent pranks during the OPEC summit, the merits of punishing victims of crimes, the importance of nutmeg and fresh tomatoes in spaghetti bolognese, and it tipped me off to a bizarre way to flirt with death: Rodeo Poker, also known as Cowboy Poker.

I shall be working my way through The Bugle’s backlist of podcasts when I’m in need of cheering up.