upcoming talent

I uncovered a cache of talent on the Vancouver Film School channel on YouTube.

I particularly liked the animations, such as “Happy”, “In the Beginning”, “Typographics”, “After Oz”, and “The Gravdigger”.

It’s wonderful to see such diverse and lovely creative work from upcoming talent.

Today I received Progress Report 1 for Eastercon LX, the 60th British National Science Fiction Convention, which is going on in Bradford, UK in 2009. It’s a slim, well-presented booklet, which bodes well for the organisation of the convention. The best feature is a great piece from Guest of Honour, Jon Courtenay Grimwood about how he became engaged with science fiction, broke up, and got back together with it. The article about another Guest of Honour, Dirk Maggs, is also worth a read, since it details his extensive background in science fiction audio theatre. It’s good work on the part of the committee, and makes me look forward to the convention even more.

Finally, cheers to Brian for reminding me about Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, a BBC4 show that offers humourous and sarcastic reviews of what’s on offer on television in the UK, and also examines how these programmes are put together.

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