mute the world to create another one

I had a longish train journey yesterday and the day before. My new headphones added a great deal of enjoyment to the trip. The sound of chatter, and loud mobile phone conversations disappeared. It was just me, the music, my writing, and a book.

I’m working on a new story in between the novel writing. It’s easily the most disturbing story I’ve tackled. It started with an image, and as soon as I started writing it a weird world unfolded. I’m somewhat amazed as the details appear under my fingers. “Where did this come from?” I ask, and after another couple of sentences, “I’m kind of creeping myself out.”

Today I’ll type up my hand-written notes and try to wrangle the rest of the story onto the page. I’m intrigued, as I don’t know what will happen. But, it’s going to be horrific.

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