good job

My fellow inmates from Clarion West ’06 have been doing really well lately. It makes me proud and extremely happy to see such talented people make sales and win competitions.

Ben Burgis currently has a story up on Atom Jack called Of Rum, Madness, Thunderstorms and Prayer”. Tina Connolly’s story “Moon at the Starry Diner”, is up at Heliotrope at the moment. Tina wrote that story during Clarion West and it was one of my favourites. Gord Sellar bagged a sale to the fabulous Interzone for a story he wrote while at the workshop, and my antipodean clansbrother, Ian McHugh, won the April-June quarter at Writers of the Future for a bonza story he wrote at Clarion West, which was another of my top picks of the workshop. These are just the recent achievements. There have been other sales and successes in the past year and a half since we graduated from the course.

Well done you lot. Keep writing and selling.

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