the sound of music

Wow, I’m currently listening to my MP3 Player using a new set of headphones: the JVC Marshmallow ear buds. The ambient noise isolation works so well I can’t hear myself type.

I’ve had problems in the past getting a comfortable secure fit with ear bud headphones, which are my preferred style of headphone. I’ve tried a number of different kinds over the years, but since I use my MP3 player in the gym I need something that is lightweight, and will deal with being bounced around. It’s really irritating to have the earpieces fall out when you’re doing exercises on the mat, for instance.

The buds on these headphones are made from memory foam – you squeeze them, and insert them into the ear so they expand to fit the space properly. While I was in Japan I saw headphones like these that were made by Bose, but they were horribly expensive.

These JVC Marshmallow headphones are comfortable, and the sound quality is fantastic (frequency response is 8Hz-23,000Hz). New headphones weren’t a big priority for me, so I only purchased these gems because they were reasonably priced. Hopefully, I’ll be just as pleased with them after a workout.

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