and she's off

NaNoWriMo begins today, and I’ll be using it to wrangle an increase in my writing output. I’m aiming for 50K words, but I’m allowing myself to write stories as well as the novel. That’s approximately 1,666 words a day. I’ll be away for two days next week, without access to a computer, but I hope to write longhand to keep up during those days. It does mean that I’m coming back to an awful lot of typing. That’s the problem with goals like this, once you fall behind it’s hard to catch up.

I’m also going to try to post to this journal every day for the month of November (except on those two days when I’m away – I’ll have to handwrite the entries and post them after I get back). What I write here doesn’t count towards meeting my daily quota – that would be cheating – but I will probably use it as a limbering-up exercise.

It could get a bit crazy.

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