skull gloves

Skull gloveWinter is snapping at the heels of autumn and it’s getting very chilly here in Ireland. Today I received a pair of fingerless gloves I purchased online to keep my hands warm while I’m working at the keyboard during the coming months. My hands are sensitive to low temperatures, and it’s uncomfortable to type while my fingers feel icy and stiff. I’m also prone to RSI, and I try to avoid causing it to flare up.

Since I was going to try typing with fingerless gloves I might as well get a pair I liked. Hence a cheerful skull decorates each glove on the back. So far it’s working out well. The knit isn’t too thick to encumber my fingers, and since it’s not made from wool it doesn’t make my skin itch. I was worried that the elasticated section around the wrist might aggravate my RSI but so far so good.

And they look cool. If it works out well I might even buy a couple of other designs. Just for variety.