creative work aids creativity

On Friday afternoon I went to the lovely Galway City Museum and attended a poetry reading by Lucy English as part of the Friday Lunchtime Reading Series.

I was in a bit of a funk on Friday, so Lucy’s electric performance and her funny, poignant, and insightful poems were a needed antidote. Lucy started as a slam poet, and you can see that in her lively performances – all done from memory. It reminded me that sustaining creativity is helped by attending films, theatre, poetry readings, art exhibitions, and if you’re lucky, being in the company of creative people.

Last night saw my welcome return to our fortnightly screenwriting/playwriting group after the summer break. It’s great to be among people who care deeply about crafting new and original work. Even frank discussions about the harsh realities of the business are a little easier to bear when you are among people who deal with it on a daily basis and continue to strive to write better scripts. It inspires me with the confidence to keep writing, and improving, despite the empirical evidence that suggests there are easier and saner careers.

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