horror overload

Another FrightFest is over, and as usual it was a combination of films, from ultra low-brow crud to existential horror. I didn’t watch every film, but I think I saw the best the film festival had to offer.

My top horror picks – watch out for them in the coming months: Signal; Teeth; Cold Prey; Joshua; WΔS, Spiral; The Orphanage.

Generic, but well-made: 1408; All the Boys Love Mandy Lane; Disturbia; KM 31.

Fun schlock: Black Sheep; Botched

Middle-of-the-road: Shrooms; Black Water

Weirdly good despite certain reservations: The Sword-Bearer; Day-Watch

Formulaic rubbish: Skinwalkers, Storm Warning

Hated: The Girl Next Door

I’ll try and offer my reasons in a few weeks time when I return from Japan. Today I spend half a day on an airplane. I’m bringing a fat book with me on the flight to keep me sane.

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