the gap closes

Hurray! Today I received my J&R Rail Passes for my trip to Japan.

I suppose I should do something about booking the rest of my trip post-Worldcon now…

It’s hard to imagine that I’ll be in Japan by the end of the month. When I bought my ticket to the convention two years ago at the Nippon 2007 party at Worldcon in Glasgow the event seemed such a long way off. Planning ahead two years was an act of faith. You pay for the ticket and hope you’ll be around or able to attend. Being optimistic pays off sometimes.

Writing: well I’m tackling a tricky re-write at the moment. It’s not an extensive overhaul, but I’m working on nuances and layers. I’m nearly there. It’s been slow work, however. I’ve taken my time with this one, which is not my usual approach. The story dictates the pace.

Sometimes I despair at the amount of time it takes to write, and rewrite, a short story.

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