moving on

The re-write is complete, and the story has been dispatched to market.

I’m left feeling melancholy, as it’s a somewhat sad story. I paid close attention as I re-worked it, and I tried to inhabit the story as I wrote. What I mean by that last part is to think and feel everything I was writing. To be in the scene, and for my words to come from that experience. I’m not describing anything revolutionary of course.

Once again I’m grappling with the emotional balance in the story. These days I’m trying to strip out as much overt telling of emotion as possible (although it is necessary at times), and replacing it with showing of emotion via action or roundabout dialogue. This stuff is fricking hard to judge.

Still, I did my best. I’m learning.

Those taser-equipped flying monkey are getting meaner. I heard them test the tasers on a recalcitrant banana seller. It’s not like they were offering him proper payment or anything. Protection against Green Witches on broomsticks isn’t something you figure as a likely occurrence. But, flying monkeys ain’t so common either.

Tonight or tomorrow I must make inroads on the new story, as I’m busy tomorrow evening and the following day.

Being zapped by imaginary creatures sucks.

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