Thanks to my friend Tina for pointing me towards the Publishers Weekly review of Fantasy (« now available to buy on

Unfortunately, the anthology as a whole didn’t score with the reviewer, but several stories were singled out for praise, mine included:

… while Maura McHugh’s “Bone Mother” brilliantly blends Slavic folklore with the vampire mythos to create a speculative gem of a tale.

It’s Publishers freaking Weekly!

Let me tug the tether tied to my ankle so I won’t float off into the clouds…

In Write-a-thon news, I’m busy rewriting a short story, which isn’t part of the weekly goal, but is one of my on-going writing chores. I’ve until the end of the week to tackle the new story, so I haven’t wandered into the danger zone yet (it’s filled with flying monkeys armed with tasers, so I’m not about to go there if I can avoid it).

If any of you readers want to sponsor me and pile on the pressure, go ahead! It’s all for a good cause, and a little extra incentive should keep me free of flying monkeys (it’s their poop-flinging accuracy that really scares me).


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