Clarion West Writers Workshop


Last night I received feedback on my script from my screenwriting group, which contained plenty of useful advice and tips. I had gone in with a somewhat resigned attitude, expecting the worst. It was cheering to hear that many of them thought the script was a fast read, despite being a character-focused piece, and that they were surprised that it was a first draft. Still, there’s plenty of work to do. I think I’ll need an agent to flog this script, after I’ve polished it to a higher standard. It’s unlikely to attract a big budget, and it needs someone to push it so it will attract the right champion (producer, director, or actor).

For the moment I’m going to allow the feedback to settle into my head so I can establish some perspective on the script. In the meantime, it’s on to the next project.

Today, a year ago, I flew to Seattle a few days ahead of my entry into the six-week crucible that is the Clarion West Writers Workshop. I loved Seattle, its warm-hearted and generous writing community, and of course the workshop administrators, teachers, and my fellow classmates.

My writing benefited immensely from the period of concentrated focus, but the friendships I forged with talented fellow writers was of equal importance.

Best of luck to the class of ’07.

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