keep on emptying the basket

I tweaked my blog layout slightly today. I removed the projects progress bars on the left. When I put that feature up a few years ago it helped spur me on to write. Lately, I haven’t kept it updated.

I suspect it’s because I write regularly now. I’m completing and submitting work at a steady pace. The need to publish a little exclamation point of joy every time I finish a story or a script has dissipated. It’s not a big deal any more.

On the right I’ve added a little flash badge for my Flickr page. It’s a nice dash of colour for the site, and I add photos and art to Flickr frequently. The weather has been beautiful in Ireland lately, so when I’m out I usually bring my camera with me.

Minnie, my dog, isn’t so happy about the heat. She flops on the ground, pants, and directs a look at me that seems to say, “I wish I could take this fur coat off”.

My laundry basket is the most empty it’s been in months thanks to the fantastic drying weather, and the completion of the script. Chores like that are irritations, until you catch up.

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