a grey day for voting

Not much to report other than life goes on, as does the writing and pondering. It’s election day today, and I’ve kept the radio off so thus far I’ve remained blissfully unaware of the predictions and political shenanigans going on. Later on Martin and I will cast our vote, and participate in the democratic process. Over the past few weeks we’ve had a steady stream of political canvassers turning up at our door, which whips our dog Minnie into a barking frenzy. Normally, we don’t encourage her too much in her territorial alarms, but we’ve been lenient about her reaction to the politicians. They tend to be happy to hand over the leaflets with the barest of commentary and slink away from the doorstep sharpish after she’s given them her howling welcome.

I suspect the reek of bullshit overpowers her sensitive nose.

The feminist science fiction convention, Wison is on this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, and it features a tremendous line-up of guests and panellists. I’ve never been to Wiscon but it is on my long list of “events I want to attend” because I’ve heard so many positive things about the event. I’m informed that advance copies of Fantasy–the anthology in which my story “Bone Mother” appears–will be available at the convention. A number of the contributors will be at the con so it would be a good time to blag an autograph off them.

On the Friday, between 8:45 and 10 pm in Conference Room 4, there will be a reading featuring Ada Milenkovic Brown, Ann Leckie, Heather Lindsley, EC Myers, Cat Rambo, and my Clarion West classmate Ben Burgis. Best of luck to them.

Currently, I’m poking at a horror script idea, that I must get onto the page rather soon. I’m aiming for creepy, a small cast, only a few locations, and an intense atmosphere.

I suspect the first draft will be rough.

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