I had a fun trip to Scotland: much hanging out with friends, the occasional (well, okay, frequent) drink, a lovely drive through the Highlands, and poking around caves along the shoreline. I took photos, but I’ve been rather lax of late about uploading images, so it might be some time before I get around to it.

Not-writing-anxiety nibbled at my fingers towards the end of my trip. I channelled it into jotting down ideas in my notebook, and ruminating upon characters, story ideas, and plots while gazing out at gorgeous mountains spotlighted in sunshine one minute, and veiled in rain the next. The fickle nature of the Scottish climate is familiar to anyone raised on the west coast of Ireland.

Since I’ve been back there’s been a rejection, revisions, and more submissions. I cling to hope.

Otherwise I’m writing, reading, working, watching movies and TV programmes (Heroes, Bones, Criminal Minds, and Boston Legal are in the top tier). Rather routine, except in my crazy imagination.

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