60 in 09

Congrats to my mate James Bacon, and the rest of the team for winning the bid for the 2009 Eastercon, LX 2009, which will mark the 60th British Science Fiction Convention.

I’m particularly delighted that one of the Guests of Honour is Jon Courtenay Grimwood. He is one of Britain’s top sf writers, and a gentleman. His latest novel, The End of the World Blues, just won the BSFA award for Best Novel at this year’s Eastercon (I should also mention that Belfast-writer Ian McDonald nabbed the short fiction award for “The Djinn’s Wife”). American author, Tim Powers, and British radio writer/producer/director Dirk Maggs round up the strong trio of GoHs.

Despite its location in deepest Bradford, UK, I suspect this is one Eastercon I will have to attend.

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