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The second edition of the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies has gone online. In one of those funny fits of synchronicity, it contains an article by English horror writer Ramsey Campbell about Fritz Leiber. Expect to see retrospectives about the man popping up everywhere – a Leiber current appears to be vibrating the airwaves at the moment.

Also, I forgot to mention that in the dealer’s room at P-Con last weekend I nabbed an American first-edition paperback copy of Leiber’s science fiction novel, The Big Time (1958), for a paltry three euros. I expect to whiz through it quickly since it’s only 127 pages.

If only more novels published today were that length!


  • ben

    Ah, cool. The only Leiber novel I’ve read was “Conjure Wife”, which I enjoyed. I have a copy of his semi-autobiographical horror novel “Our Lady of Darkness,” I’ve heard great things about that one and the first few pages of it are very cool, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.I did read a fascinating non-fiction essay by Leiber entitled “Lovecraft’s Copernican Revoluton in Supernatural Horror” in some collection a while back.

    • Maura

      Wow, that Leiber article sounds cool!Yes, Our Lady of Darkness looks like a great read, as does Conjure Wife. I’ll have to make an effort to track down and read more of his work. Especially his out-and-out horror.

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