make it stop!

While listening to the radio in the car I was just subjected to a horrific version of the Aerosmith/Run DMC song, “Walk this Way”. It was decimated by Girls Aloud and the Sugababes. I don’t care if it’s for a charity, it’s the worst cover of a song I’ve heard in some time.

My foot kept pressing harder on the accelerator as if I could somehow drive away from it. They massacred the song, used bad mojo to raise its bones, and forced it to tap-dance a polka on the mass-grave of slaughtered babies

Yes, it is that bad.

To balance this atrocity I feel I must mention some worthwhile music. If you want uplifting covers of songs, there’s no better band than Nouvelle Vague — a French trio who understand that a cover of a song means you take the original and interpret it in a new way. Both of their albums (Nouvelle Vague and Band À Part) are great. Their cover of “Too Drunk to Fuck” is sublime. Interested fans of good music can listen to several of their tracks on their website.

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