these re-write blues, are melting away

I’ve completed the short story re-write, and I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

Imagine that, satisfied! I could use a stronger term, but I try to maintain perspective on my own work.

I think the reason I’m pleased with this story is that even though the re-write took longer than I expected it was a pleasurable pain to cut away the superfluous and discover the essential elements.

Plus, I had one of those lovely moments very late into the re-write when I knew exactly what small object I had to drop into the ending. It appears as if it was planned all along, and yet I only copped on after the seventh major pass.

Sometimes my conscious mind is a bit slow on the up-take.

The strange thing about this story is I don’t care if markets reject it. Well, okay, I’d prefer if it sold, and people read it. But that’s not necessary. The important thing (for me) was the writing, and the slow understanding that occurred as I dug in and shifted through my words.

I have a number of different projects vying for my attention now, and I’m not sure which one to pursue. I’ll start on one and see how it goes.

I’m going to New York next week. It’s an unexpected short visit to my favourite city. Next Wednesday I plan on attending the monthly Fantastic Fiction reading at the KGB Bar. Paul Di Filippo and Ysabeau Wilce will be reading extracts from their latest works. I’m excited at the prospect as Di Filippo is an excellent writer, and Wilce’s debut novel looks delightful. It’s a tremendous stroke of out-of-the-blue luck that I’ll be in the city during this event. I suspect my suitcase will contain many books on my return journey. As if I need any more…

Planning for the trip, and other disruptions, has necessitated a change in my writing schedule for this month.

So be it.

I’ve learned to roll with such alterations. Instead of bemoaning what I can’t accomplish, I’m focusing on what I can do within the adjusted time frame for the coming weeks.

And hey, a trip to New York…! I’m not complaining about that.

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