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Today I returned from five enjoyable days in Scotland, which I spent in the company of a dear friend. For one lovely afternoon we rambled around Edinburgh: I bought a excellent pair of running shoes from the enlightened Run and Become, we browsed a Christmas market sipping mulled wine from a proper mug, visited the National Museum of Scotland, a cheesemongers (hmmm, Goat Gouda), and finished up chatting with mates over a strong coffee in Beanscene. It’s a wonderful city.

Six weeks ago I made my first professional sale of a short story: to Sean Wallace at Fantasy Magazine. (Those of you in search of gifts should note that there is a bargain holiday subscription rate currently on offer to both American and International customers.) I wrote the first draft at Clarion West this summer, and revised it several times after I returned.

Yesterday Sean emailed me to let me know that my story, “Bone Mother”, will appear in the magazine’s sampler anthology, entitled Fantasy, which he is co-editing with Paul Tremblay. The collection will be published early next year. It’s a clever marketing drive to introduce new customers to the magazine, and the material it publishes.

It was a nice coming-home surprise.

I’ve made the decision to begin cross-posting these entries to my LiveJournal account. A friend of mine has been bugging me about this lately. It’s not much of an extra effort, especially since I read so many journals on that system anyway. I’ve been blogging in some form or another for over six years, and LJ was one of the first systems I evaluated. Its strength is its vast network of communities. I might as well make it easier for people who use that journalling software, and plug into those communities.

Those of you who read this journal on my Splinister site needn’t worry as I will continue to post there too.

Now, back to playing catch-up.


  • gordsellar

    You could get someone to start a feed over at LJ for you. I have a feed running over there, and I think about 33% of the people who read my by RSS pick up my feed that way. I think it has to be someone who has an account, a paid account, I mean. Congrats again on the Fantasy sale. I actually subscribed in the hope of seeing in print the first big sale of the class… and now I have to pick up something else, instead. Ah well, that’s cool, too.

    • Maura

      Hey Gord!I’m aware of doing it via a feed, but I figure I might as well cross-post. It’s no biggie, really.I’ve subbed to Fantasy Magazine too, partly because it’s important to support such markets, and I like to read good material (like Caroline’s story for instance!). Thanks for the congrats. I’m looking forward to seeing the story in print. 🙂

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