Never tell me the odds!

I got a career-best rejection last night. It takes the sting out of it, but the story remains single. Let’s see if the words “will definitely find a home” prove prophetic.

I re-touched it and sent it out a-courting. I’m told this is a saucy minx with plenty of charms. Beauty is in the eye of the editor, however.

I’m philosophical about rejection: it’s part of the process. There are so many factors to get right that it’s amazing that anything sells. It has to be the best story that hits a receptive editor’s desk at a time when s/he is looking for that type of tale. The odds… they are long.

You have to be optimistic, and persistent of course. Plus you need To Write A Lot.

Time to return to crafting yarns.


  • ben

    Well, it can be nice, but in some ways I find close-but-no-cigar rejections the most equisitely frustrating kind of rejection….”We loved you’re story. It was great. But we’re still not going to publish it.”