a little progress is a dangerous thing

I wallowed in a glut of sleep today so I had to cut into my surplus already. I do tend to write well at night.

I’ve completed a second draft of one of my Clarion stories. I skimmed through the critiques my clever and clear-sighted classmates gave me. Just enough to glean pointers without confusing me with too many suggestions.

Or so I think.

I’ll go through the story tomorrow with a stricter focus, and then ship it out to a friend who said he was willing to give it the once-over. I shiver at the thought of that critique. Oh well, honesty is better than a kind word.

Not for the ego, but for the skill.

I shelved the new story temporarily to get to this revision. It awaits in the wings, with promises of new delights and hair-tearing-out moments. I do love those so much.

Aha, yes, sleep. That’s the next task on the list, and often the one with the least priority.


    • Caroline

      Eep, managed to submit with a blank field, shows what my current state of mind is like!What the first post was supposed to say was:Hooray for the second draft!! That’s great that you got a revision turned out so quickly. I managed to figure out what to do with the end of my giant spider story today, but I still have a ways to go on actually writing the revision…

      • Maura

        Thanks Caroline, but in the cold light of day, after very little sleep, my thoughts about the revision aren’t very favourable.So, I consulted The Magic 8 Ball. Its response: “Very Doubtful”.Ha!Later today I’m back to scrubbing the text a bit more.

      • Caroline

        Ah, the magic 8 ball method of doing revisions, I love it! Hope the scrubbing goes well later 🙂