Time passes quickly when you’re busy.

Maureen follows the McHugh tradition of being a sweetheart and a formidable woman. She’s a wise teacher, with a keen insight into story difficulties coupled with smart suggestions for possible solutions. Her reading of “Laika Returns Home Safe” (one of my favourite pieces from her short story collection) on Tuesday night had people in tears because of its poignancy.

My classmates have produced terrific work for first drafts written under pressure.

I’ve written a short story, and survived the critiquing session. The comments were useful and direct, which was what I needed. I hope to start cracking on my new piece today. I’ve been in research mode for a day or two, but need to knuckle down to the actual writing later this evening.

The weather was Africa Hot on Monday, which sapped all creative ability. Thankfully, we’re back to normal temperatures, which is hot by Irish standards, but I’m enjoying it.

I went to Superman Returns yesterday and wasn’t impressed – the problem was that my expectations were too high. It has a clunky first act, it’s wildly illogical, and has an unsatisfactory ending. Sure, there are a few cool sequences in it, but not enough. There isn’t much action in this film, which is rather strange. It’s also far too long for a film this slow (without another distraction such as character development or interaction).

Best line in the movie: “Weren’t there two of them?”

If you go in expecting a formulaic B-movie with extra cheese you might enjoy it.

Ah well, back to work.

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  • Stuart Dimond

    I attended Clarion 2000. How I envy your having Ian MacCleod for a teacher. I hope your six weeks are productive. Are any of your classmates blogging this summer? I would like to find any who are so I can vicariously share the exicitment of your experiences. Wishing you the best, Stuart