on the brink

Seattle has this trick of fooling you in the morning into thinking that the weather will be dull, and then springing a sunny afternoon and evening upon you. You’d swear I was at home… except for the awesome coffee shops, which are legion.

So far the Seattle science fiction community has been incredibly warm and welcoming, although the mere mention that I’m a Clarion West student results in dire warnings of stress and sleep loss, along with assurances it’ll be the best experience of my life.

I’ve nothing but praise for the Clarion West admin (and volunteers) who have been efficient, helpful, and supportive.

The Locus Awards were fun, and thank goodness for that Hawaiian shirt I won in a raffle at a convention years ago or I’d have been shamed at the brunch this morning. Connie Willis is a delightful and humourous toastmaster. Congratulations to last year’s Clarion West graduate, Cat Rambo, who won the hula dance-off against David Hartwell. Neil Gaiman made the right decision.

I developed a head cold a couple of days ago and it has ranged from irritating to unpleasant, but it seems to be in retreat. I hope so. I will need all my resources to cope with the coming six weeks.

Tomorrow, it begins.