I arrived in Seattle during the middle of a downpour. Just like home.

My flight was delayed by three hours, which added a certain level of tediousness to the day, but otherwise all went well.

I picked up supplies yesterday, and poked around downtown Seattle with a friend, which was good fun. Seattle is a lovely city with a great vibe. Ancient Grounds is a wonderful coffee shop and art gallery that specialises in tribal and Asian pieces. In looking for an official web site for the store (I didn’t find one) I discovered a rather handy resource, Caffeinated and Unstrung, which is a guide to Seattle’s coffee shops that offer free wireless. Very useful for anyone who wants to write, surf, and drink caffeinated beverages.

I’m adjusting rather well to the change in time zone so far. It’s lovely to relax and socialise with friends before the workshop.

I’m going to attempt to do some work on stories today.

After the Lego spacebattles of course.

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