fetch… the comfy chair!

I’m leaving on Monday!

My to-do list is thinning out.

Today I axed a task I’ve been avoiding for too long. It was fantastic to draw a line through it, which made up somewhat for it tediousness.

I’m not always this organised before a trip. Often I fling clothes into my bag the night before, or a couple of hours before I leave for the airport.

Ultimately there are only three fundamental items that must be remembered: e-ticket, passport, money/credit cards… and a laptop. My four…no… . Amongst my essentials… . Amongst my important things… are such elements as passport, money….

I’ll come in again.

I’m leaving on Monday!

Now, I’m going to pay particular attention to my reading, and to depositing more concepts in my story idea bank (I’m not very much in the black). This area has been neglected as more practical matters pressed for attention.

Flipping reality, always getting in the way… kicks rock… scrambles backward as the rock kicks back.

I’m leaving on Monday!

Fuck. I’m not prepared for this trip, man.


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  • gordsellar

    Hey, I hear you on the not-enough-story-ideas. I am just about on the happy side of the the semester-end grading, at least. Then I’ll be doing the same dance you’re doing now…Best of luck to you with your prep… and see you soon!

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