It’s hot!

Those are not words you hear very often from a Galwegian, so I’m not complaining. Blue skies and sun are a blessing.

I’ve admitted defeat: there’s no way I can complete the short story before I leave for Clarion. It was adding an unnecessary stress to my final days in Ireland. I’ve been tackling rather time-consuming and frustrating work that had to be completed before I leave, and my RSI is flaring up as a result.

At least it’s sunny!


  • gordsellar

    Well, it’s a long flight over! 🙂 I’m planning on doing at least some drafting of something on the flight over. Might as well set myself up for Tuesday hand-ins, or something, you know? I figure writing something immediately prior to arriving doesn’t count as a “trunk story”, so what the hell… I also don’t trust myself to write 6 stories in 6 weeks, when it usually takes me six months of waffling to get through three or four. Hope your RSI gets better…

  • Maura

    Thanks Gord. RSI usually improves with a rest from the source of the problem, which is a bit tricky at the moment. I’ll take a lot of breaks.