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I have joined the 21st century: I have broadband at home.

Six years ago Martin and I laughed in unhappy understanding at this cartoon on the excellent Penny Arcade. Who knew at the time it would take us so long to recover from the leprosy of dial-up? (I will not detail the reasons that tracts of Ireland languish in the Internet Stone Age as I have ranted on this subject many, many times.)

Galway readers might be interested in Airwire, the south-Galway wireless provider who have bestowed upon us the joy of always-on broadband. They’re so new that they only have a basic web site. A mere 8 days after the initial point of contact (an email exchange on a Saturday) the equipment was installed and our connection was up and running.

I’ve been wallowing in the luxury of watching movie trailers online. I’m going to download podcasts! Software updates are no longer a misery of time wasting. Web pages open promptly, salute, and click their heels.

It couldn’t have happened at a better time. This will facilitate better communication between Martin and I while I’m in the USA, and will offer him a wider avenue of distractions (online gaming, for instance).

There is nothing more terrible than a geek who cannot keep up with technology.

The screenwriters group that I attend is taking a break for the summer, as everyone is busy with projects, holidays, visitors, and the distractions of longer days and the occasional ray of sunshine. I’ll miss the insights, the conversations about the industry, and the laughter. I’ve made good friendships through our fortnightly sessions. I’m looking forward to reconvening in September.

I should plug the Listowel Writer’s Week, which kicks off tomorrow. There is a huge selection of workshops, art exhibitions, poetry readings, award ceremonies, talks, plays, concerts and films from which to choose–the place will be overflowing with writers and artists. The word from people who’ve attended the event in the past is extremely favourable, so make your way to Kerry if you want to splash in cultural waters for five days.


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    Glory be! Finally you can leave Plato’s shadowy cave and come out into the light.Whatever the question, the internet knows. (299,792,458 metres/second)