crossing out

I have a list.

It’s my Things to do before I leave for Seattle task sheet. I’ve even crossed off a couple of items already.

I remain calm about Clarion. Part of me wanted to get nervous about the fact I wasn’t nervous, but I strangled that line of thought before it emerged as a full-blown anxiety. There’s no point generating drama in my life.

The second rewrite of the collaborative short script is complete. We’re aiming to have the third polish finished next week. After putting together all the changes and examining them I think a third pass is necessary to improve it again.

It’s funny how a re-write can tweak a script in unexpected ways. The important thing is not to lose the fundamental essence that you captured in the original version. First drafts are raw and wild, but there is an attractive quality to that kind of writing. It can express truths in primitive ways that can disappear when the story/structure is analysed and reworked.

It’s great to progress a script through these phases with another person. The interaction is enjoyable, and it trains you to listen. You never know what will reveal a deep insight into the script and uncover a new dimension to the story.

I’m working on a short story at the moment. Part of me thinks I should be saving up my creative juice for Clarion, but the opportunity arose, and I want to tackle it quickly while the inspiration is hot. I’ve been in research mode for a couple of days, reining in the urge to write until the story bones were laid out in my mind in the semblance of a skeleton.

I hope to complete it by the beginning of next week. After that, I have to ensure that I’ve enough story ideas to sustain me during Clarion, and to tackle preliminary research.

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