television writing at its riskiest

Well, hats off to the Ronald D. Moore and his team at Battlestar Galactica for their enormous testicles. They’ll have to get a larger codpiece now.

The final episode of season 2 just aired in Ireland. There are few TV shows that have engaged me as much as BSG during the past year. The writing has been brave and innovative, and the acting has been fantastic.

Personally, I was quite happy with the risk the writers took in the final act of the episode, although I am sure that it’s pissed off a number of fans. What I like about BSG is that it doesn’t play it safe. It takes leaps; it confronts issues; it examines moral issues that are difficult and awkward, and yet are at the heart of the human condition

And it’s never (well, rarely) boring.

Knowing the normal schedule I suspect that season three will not air on this side of the Atlantic until January 2007; unless some mysterious method of obtaining the episodes immediately after they air in the USA becomes available to me…

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  • Mark Bukovec

    Fantastic show. I wish I hadn’t put off watching it for so long since the original series was so terrible.Except for a couple tedious episodes centered around Apollo, it was riveting TV.

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