put your money where your pint of Guinness would sit

The editor of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Gordon Van Gelder, will send out a free copy of the magazine to anyone who blogs about it–until his stack of 50 copies is exhausted.

It’s likely that I’ve missed this deal, but F&SF is worthy of a plug. It’s been in publication since 1949, and it continues to support new and established writers. It is one of the professional markets that most emerging genre writers aspire to crack.

Every year it seems as if the list of magazines that pay professional or semi-professional rates for short stories shrinks. If we don’t support these outlets they will disappear. My subscription to F&SF lapsed recently, but I’ll pick it up again, most likely after I return from Clarion West.

I subscribe to a number of magazines, but not as many as I would like (my funds don’t extend that far). As a short story writer it’s my responsibility to support the f/sf community in a practical way. It’s wrong to moan about disappearing markets and yet not fork over the cash to sustain the publications.

After all, most magazines cost around the price of a pint of Guinness, and will last a lot longer


  • gordsellar

    I emailed in time, but I didn’t post it in the hopes that other CW people would get a chance. I’ve been planning to subscribe to several mags but there’s always something to get in the way. I think I’ll wait till I get back to Korea after CW to sub to anything.

  • Stephanie

    It’s sad how much these magazines have to struggle (or go under) sometimes. I think I will do the same and subscribe to a few of them when I get back from CW. Funny, in spite of how many magazines are sold, publishers still seem to produce anthologies of short stories. That’s positive news.

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