a day of dread in London

The lads at FrightFest are organising a one-day horrorfest in London, at the Prince Charles cinema off Leicester Square, on March 18th, to celebrate the release of Eli Roth’s new slasher pic, Hostel.

What a great way to celebrate the day after St. Patrick’s Day – and it is likely there will be slow-moving zombies in London who are experiencing an apocalyptic hangover.

The film line-up for the day:

Death Trance by Yûji Shimomura; a new 35mm print of the awesome The Wicker Man, which includes a filmed introduction by Eli Roth; Tobe Hooper’s new flick, Mortuary; the British slasher Reeker; Hostel, with a filmed introduction by Eli Roth; and finally a new 35mm print of the classic Vincent Price opus, Theatre of Blood.

You’ll have buns of steel and a petrified mind if you can sit through all those films in one day.

I’d be there in a (fluttering) heartbeat if I lived in London.

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