slow progress, but it's progress

Work on the outline for my horror script is progressing slowly. I’m hammering away at the concept, as I want to get that clear in my mind before I move further with the outline stage.

Once I have an outline clear in my mind I can usually crank out the script at a decent pace. Beforehand, there’s a lot of thinking and pondering. At least I’m able to verbalise some of my ideas now. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even do that. It felt like my mouth was full of cotton wool when I tried. I’ve pitched my ideas to a couple of people now and the response thus far have been positive.

I can’t wait to get the spine of the film on paper.

At the weekend I caught up with my buddy who is going to animate my short script. It was great to discuss the project. In all likelihood this is going to be a long collaboration because at this point the majority of the work rests on his shoulders, and he has money-making projects that take a higher priority.

I pitched the story for the short to my parents and brother, and they were very enthusiastic. It’s a nice reaction, even if the cynical part of me suspects them of being biased.

My writing is also being hampered by a mild flare-up of RSI, an affliction I’ve been lucky to avoid thus far. I’m using the mouse with my left hand, keyboard shortcuts, and addressing my posture It’s frustrating, but I’ll do anything to avoid the problem getting worse. Hopefully I have it under control now.

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  • Alexandra

    I like the idea of the animated short and I’m sure it will be fun. I have something similar in the works with a friend and, we’re also putting a website together, well, I’m doing the site, he has done the animations and drawings.

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