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John Kricfalusi, best known as the talent behind the fabulously demented The Ren & Stimpy Show has started up a blog, and already people are flocking to it to comment in their droves.

Anyone who is into animation knows that Cartoon Brew is required reading… what do you mean you never heard of it? Get over there immediately!

There’s also the Animation World Network whose grandiose title is deserved.

If you’re into Anime and Manga then Anime News Network is a great source of information, news, and reviews of the work of our counterparts in Japan.

I’ve always loved animation in all its incarnations, which should come as no surprise since in my last post I extolled the virtues of the some of the comics I read (and I didn’t even get around to praising the hugely talented David Mack).

Essentially I love anything that tells a story, and I’m not a snob about the form in which it arrives. My ultimate criteria is quality.

It appears to me that animation is a growth industry, and a market that writers should be watching. I’d love to write for animation–hence my recent short script. I know the writers and artists have to struggle with the same creative restrictions as other media, but what I love is the sense of fun and wild creative imagination that is displayed in the best cartoon and animations on TV and the big screen.

I don’t watch as much animation as I would like–there’s only so much time and money available–but I try to keep up with the trends and developments.

All most writers want is an audience for their work (and hopefully a pay cheque!). I’m no different. I’ll spin yarns in whatever media will take me.

Ho hum, it’s back to work I go. My horror script is evolving, but I need to get it to the outline stage soon. I’m hoping for a productive weekend.

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