for fun

Last night I wrote and completed a script for a short animated film.

It was fun to doff the jaded and cynical cap that’s usually on my head, and write a piece that’s intended for a universal audience, with an emphasis on children. The story was clear in my mind because I had already pitched it to a friend who is interested in animating a short film. It was a blast to write, and I’m proud of it even though it’s a short piece.

There is no dialogue in the script at all–it is purely visual storytelling. This is a restriction I had planned from the story’s inception.

As usual I don’t know if it will ever get made, but I love this little tale.

I find it very freeing (for the imagination) to move between genres, and intersperse longer features with shorter scripts, while also writing prose stories. It’s a delight to write a piece that’s joyous (even if there are tense moments in it), since a great deal of my work tends towards darker subjects.

It’s a lovely break from the horror script that’s slowly inching out the other projects. I will be binge-watching horror films over the next couple of weeks, which can get a bit overwhelming. I’ll have to schedule the occasional comedy to keep me sane.