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My screenwriting group were very forbearing about the first draft of my new script. Not only did they offer great advice, suggestions, and tips for the re-write, but they were kind and complimentary about the screenplay.

It is a blessing that I can obtain good feedback and peer review of my scriptwriting.

Their comments have been added to the mental stew pot, and I’ll leave that to bubble on the back burner for the next couple of months. That time will give me the distance I need so I can tackle the script anew, and slash and burn with impunity.

In the meantime the current horror script idea is taking shape. I’ve the main character, and a couple of scenes have presented themselves, but I need to work on the concept and the plot before I begin to commit anything to paper. This means I’m zoning out, and sitting and staring out of a window a great deal.

Thinking is working! (As we said last night.)

My aim is to keep it as a low-budget initiative: a small cast, few locations, and under 100 pages. Restrictions like this can prompt creative solutions… I hope.

A couple of short story ideas are knocking around as well. Plus, I have the story outline for a 3/4 minute animation that a friend of mine is interested in working on with me. I’ve already pitched it to him, but I need to knuckle down and write it. It’s the kind of project that might take a long time to materialise–since both of us have projects that are competing for priority–but it would be cool if it did happen.

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  • adam

    Ahh, James Thurber wrote about how most of his writing process was thinking, and it drove his wife nuts. She would catch him staring off in space during conversation and would have to tell him to STOP WRITING.

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