up, down, and up

I’ve made a promising start to 2006 by writing a new short story. It clocked in at 4,500 words, which isn’t bad for two days work (especially since I spent so much time assembling yesterday’s post).

This story was written as a compulsion. Several nights ago it entered my head as I was falling asleep and began to write itself. I didn’t sleep very well as a result.

I suspect that sometimes the Muse demands her cut. This is not a story I planned, and I’m not even sure it’s salable, but I had to write it. The problem with a story that arrives in this manner is that it’s difficult to re-write. It arrives whole, and intact, and while there are certain elements I can move around there are larger chunks that are inviolable. Perhaps it’s not meant to be sold. Perhaps it’s just for me.

If this is what it takes to even it up with my Muse so that she continues to keep the words flowing then I will pay the price gladly.

Today I’m back to hacking at my current script. I hope to finish it by the end of the month. My subsequent screenplay will be a horror film, and the elements are stewing on the back burner. I’m trying not to think about it too hard because it’s a distraction from my current project. I don’t want to fall in love with the next script before I’m finished romancing the one I’m working on.

They get jealous, you see.

This morning I received a lovely rejection on a short story. I do mean the lovely without any malice or sarcasm. It takes the sting out of it if the editor offers advice and encouragement.

Still, my poor heart lurched and bled a little. Rejection sucks. C’est la vie. Keep writing.

The Quantum Propecy

Finally, congratulations to Irish writer Michael Carroll as today is the official publication date of his new series of Young Adult books (called The New Heroes) by HarperCollins.

The first book, The Quantum Prophecy, is in the shops now, and so far all the reports I’ve received about it are excellent. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Michael (who now has a blog) has been active on the Irish science fiction scene for a long time, and is a decent, talented bloke who has slogged long and hard at this writing lark. I’m delighted that his abilities have been recognised and I wish him huge success in the future.

Now, get out there and buy his book!