the final countdown

I spent much of this afternoon researching for the panels I’ll be moderating at Worldcon, and firing off emails to the panel participants about possible subjects we can discuss during the hour. This took far more time and effort than I expected. I’m not complaining, but the convention is a week away now, and I have a hell of a lot of other work to complete before I leave for Glasgow.

Here is the final line-up for panels I’ll be on:

Saturday August 6th; 10:00am Does Tolkien’s misogynistic British Christian writing still have relevance to kids today?
I’ll be moderating a panel with such luminaries as Mark Chadbourn, Gregory Frost, Mary Kay Kare, and George R. R. Martin.

Saturday August 6th; 12:00 noon. Donnie Darko: The Greatest Teen Movie Ever?
I’ll be on a panel among Paul Billinger, Claire Brialey, Stef Lancaster , and Kim Newman.

Saturday August 6th; 4:00pm Comics are for Girls, Too.
Flipping right they are! I’ll be moderating a panel featuring Mari (Tatsumi) Kotani, Rebecca Moesta, Richard Morgan and Liam Sharp.

Sunday August 7th. 11:00am Patronising Youth: Your Chance to Speak Up
A panel that will look at the young adult publishing market, with input from both editors and authors. I’ll be moderating, and the stellar line-up for this panel is: Jo Fletcher, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Sharyn November, and Irene Radford.

I’m looking forward to meeting old friends, making new ones, and having a good time.

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