and miles to go before I sleep

At 11pm I typed FADE OUT.

Ding dong the witch is dead.

The ending of the screenplay is pretty weak at the moment, but at least it’s an end.

I left the new beginning as it stood, and I went back to the first draft and completed that. Since I have another day, I’m going to graft on the new beginning to the script, and do my best to get as much of it re-written as possible.

This milestone is very anti-climatic. I was expecting to be ecstatic. Instead I feel ho-hum about it. There’s so much work to do that this just seems like another day’s quota filled, and nothing more eventful than that.

It’s great to have it finished, but the next draft of the script wants to unfold already. This version is in a very malleable form, and doesn’t feel like a proper script. I suppose I don’t think I have anything to be proud of yet.

Back to the grindstone.