a fork in the road

I’ve set up a quota of pages I have to write every day in order to keep on track. So far I’ve been pretty good at maintaining it. I’m past the half-way mark in the screenplay, I hope.

The urge to go back and re-write is like a deep pervasive itch I want to scratch. As I write, part of my mind is already considering how to restructure the scenes, what to lop, and what to expand. I resist the urge to give in. Instead I keep my eye on the finish line. I hope to have this race run by next Friday at the latest.

If I make that target then I will have some time to reconfigure the script so it flows a bit better, before I have to hand in the first draft. Thankfully, no one is expecting a masterpiece. The onus is on delivering a draft. The pressure will be on the final version we hand in

Even though I’m working to an outline, the script is about to change direction somewhat. I’m trusting that it’s going to get me to the right place eventually. As I write the story new details are arising, and issues that characters are grappling with are erupting in unexpected places.

It’s hard, this deep into the story, to consider taking a step off the road laid out in front of me to consider an overgrown path that isn’t pointing in the same direction. I’m sure it loops back, eventually. It’s not a short cut, that’s for sure. Let’s hope it’s not a detour, and I’ll have to retrace my steps after a couple of days. I can’t afford to lose a few days of writing.

I have to have faith in my instincts.

Shit. Writing is a scary process sometimes.

Let’s hope that’s a good sign…

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